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With Over 20 Years of Experience Woodworking & Custom Cabinetry We Can Build Your Dream Cabinets and More!

aquarium wood products economy cabinetAquarium Wood Products (AWP) has been in the aquarium cabinet business for over 20 years. If you or your customers want custom cabinet work, please call us for a quote at: 850-584-3340. We can custom design cabinets to fit any aquarium or cabinets to enhance our existing designs.

Choose from any of our beautiful hard woods, specify or create new stain colors, give us dimensions and specifications for sizes, colors, heights, widths, etc.

Standard stock is Oak, Golden Oak, Maple, Lt Maple, Rosewood
Any stain color is available

Call us for details on custom cabinets: 850-584-3340

Aquarium Cabinets Constructed of Oak, Maple & Other Quality Hardwoods... in Perry, FL